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Launching and using Tell Me More10 without a CD drive.

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I purchased Tell Me More 10 All levels some time ago. Now I need to use it on a netbook without CD drive.
How could it be done? I think it can be installed from the contents copied to a USB. But then, how could it be launched?

Is there a mean to make the software think I inserted a CD? i.e. giving a destination folder on Hard Drive /USB instead of CD when the software asks to "Insert the CD"? And, how to change folder from CD drive to Hard Disk Drive/USB drive?

Do you understand my request?
Thank you very much.

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You will have to create a ISO image from your CD using MagicISO or Daemon Tools. These apps can make a 1:1 copy of your CD, then you can mount a virtual drive with the help of Daemon Tools and load the ISO file, without the CD or something like that.

This procedure can trick the software believing that you have the actual physical CD inserted. You can use MagicISO to create the ISO and Daemon Tools to mount it.

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