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How can I convert Youtube videos to MP3?

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How can I convert Youtube videos to MP3?

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You can convert Youtube videos to MP3 by using an add-on for your browser. Please visit the add-ons gallery available for your browser and download the appropriate extensions.

On the other hand you could use a piece software which has the same capability as the mentioned add-ons. You can use Youtube to MP3 because it is a simple utility with minimum interaction from your side, except URL pasting and location exporting.

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There already had add-on and program to convert YouTube videos to mp3, now I want to introduce an online application to do that, using it, you don't need to download any programs or install other add-ons. This free app is called MP3 Grabber. When you decide to convert which YouTube video to mp3, no need to play it, just copy its link address and paste it into the convert bar on MP3 Grabber. Ok, I told you what I know, hope this helps.

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dude use google !! :/
there are so many converters its unreal, im sure theres one that suites ur need


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There're many free ways to rip mp3 from youtube video. Such as using sound recorder, download youtube video as mp3 or some tools could help you to convert youtube to mp3.

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