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How can I convert files made with PC System/2 Program to PC 3.0 files?

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How can I convert files made with PC System/2 Program to PC 3.0 files?

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After checking the only version of Personal Composer I come to the conclusion that the only way to convert the files is with the help of Import/Functions found in the applications because there is no standalone/dedicated converter to automatically convert from a previous version to the new one.

Make sure that you have both versions of the applications installed on your PC and then use Import from the one and Export from the other. This is the only way to achieve this.

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I tried to install PC/System2 on Windows 10 and the message is: "App Can't Run On Your PC."  So how can you have both versions installed on your computer to do the Import and Export.  I tried to export a file I created in PC/System2 and I received a message from Personal Composer 3 demo that "This is not a Personal Composer File."  I tried changing the extensions of the file to .pc and received the same message.  Any ideas or work arounds?  I sure would like to be able to view all my old PC/System2 files that I created.  Thanks!

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