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Access to Atlas SAP for viewing of ZF type documents and invoices.

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I work as a commercial support exec in Petcare and part of my role is to determine if price /return claims are valid. To do this I need access to VF03 to be able to view ZF and invoices so I can see what is on the invoice and what pricing they were charged.

I do not need to be able to amend any information I merely need to be able to view it to decide if valid or not.

I did have this access up until last week when it is now giving me the following error..

"No display authorization for billing type ZF02".

Please can this be reinstated ASAP to enable me to continue doing my job?

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As far as I know, for SAP applications support is provided by local administrators. You'll have to get in touch with them since they're the ones with full access to permissions and rights to files, settings, programs, etc.

If you don't have an administrator that handles the software's functionality and updates, kindly visit the official website and contact the developers.

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