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No weather forecast for my location.

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asked Sep 9, 2017 by Carlo about WeatherFsk2.4
edited Sep 29, 2017 by Marco Jauch 1

Good morning,
I'm sorry if I write with errors but use a translator. From August 28 at 7:00 am I no longer receive Internet updates for my "Internet Weather Station with 5 Day Forecast" (Westphalia Art. 80 21 76). The connections between my computer and the receiver work perfectly. The time and date are regularly transmitted and displayed. By recalling the data with the program, I always get the same result: "City: Switzerland.Stabio Update time: 08/23/2017 07.00" I uninstalled and reinstalled the program from the enclosed CD but unsuccessful. Is the service unavailable? Do I have to upgrade the software? Where can I download it from?

Thank you for the reply,
Carlo Valli.

1 Answer

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answered Sep 11, 2017 by Alex Urbach (306,260 points)
edited Sep 29, 2017 by Marco Jauch 1

I've checked and the Weather Life website of WeatherFsk doesn't appear to be working anymore because it was probably discontinued. That's why the forecasts aren't displayed or provided from the application.

After installation, make sure to add it to the Firewall to allow it to communicate with the online servers.

If you still receive errors, simply pick something else that is more reliable than WeatherFsk. You can pick alternatives from the following list with applications.

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