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Is there software to enlarge selected photos in my Google Photos account?

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I want to know how to copy select photos in a readable size, to give to atty as I prepare to divorce my husband and build my case. Suggest away people, I can use help here. Please and thank you.

Some months ago, I read that people were pissed off at Google Photos as they had problems with the order and small size of the photos.

I used Picasa & Google Photos to gather and merge all photos. I guess I may still have a Picasa acct, though it changed with Google snapping up Picasa into Google Photos merge. Does this help in some way to solve printing clear copies?

I have all my evidence taken with my mobile phone Android Samsung Galaxy S7 backed up to my Google Photos acct on my laptop(build 2012) Dell Inspiron 64 bit, Windows 7. Need to solve my problem quickly.

Thanks for any assistance or ideas from your community.

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Google Photos doesn't have the necessary tools to enlarge your photos. You can simply access the service from the following link. Once your photos are saved to your PC, install XnView and then you can enlarge them, but keep in mind that enlarging a small picture will affect is quality. You can also do this in batches due to the features found in XnView.

The software is free to download and use.

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