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How can you convert MX6 project files to MP3?

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did this and is not working.. we need an alternative of course this is the first thing we did..

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i know its been a few months since this was posted but i am having the same issue. we all know u just use save as...hit the droop down arrow and pick wav...mp3...ect...that is a given...cant speak for these other people but ill be straight up i downloaded the demo the time ran out and now the music that i recorded i didnt convert in time so now i have songs that i cant use unless through mixcraft wich is ok but there are 2 songs i need that i made for my daughter that i havent seen in 5 yrs and my mother but i cant upload them burn them or anything through the software. so now is there a software that will basically record ANY sound from my sound card that includes mixcraft .mx6 files that i and others can convert to wav or mp3 and so on?

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First off all you need to do is merge the different loops together and save the project.
Then open it in your library. After you saved it saved all the merged clips as mp3s. You can use a new studio editing software to put them back in order to make the song.

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MX6 are project files used by Mixcraft 6 software. These files contain the paths to sounds stored on your hard drive and contain also different audio customization. If you want to save the whole project as MP3 you can access the File menu and use Save As. From the drop-down format menu you will need to choose MP3. The whole mix will be saved as MP3 with all the pieces connected together.

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