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How do install the new InScribe 2004 upgrade if I lost the original InScribe 2004 1.0 software?

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I am an author researcher of Ancient Egypt and have used InSribe since 1996. I lost the software and my glyph fonts are now a variety of regular chaotic symbols. How can I purchase a copy of an original Inscribe to install the upgrades? This is a matter of utmost importance for the work I am authoring.

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Unfortunately, the InScribe 2004 doesn't appear to be available anymore. There is another InScribe product, but it's totally different and its functionality is not related to this Inscribe product. I've searched the web to find a copy of the application and failed since there is no resource available.

Because of the situation above, I believe that InScribe 2004 is a discontinued product that can't be purchased now or in the near future, but you should use Archive.ORG website to download the only version available. Keep in mind that purchasing is not possible, so you might have to use it the way it is.

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