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Can I import a .qbm file from Quickbooks into QBM Freemier?

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I need to complete my 2016 financials, but don't have Quickbooks anymore. Can I use QBM Freemier to do this with a .qbm Quickbooks file?

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I don't think it's possible to import QBM files created with QuickBooks into the QBM Freemier. Just because the software shares the same name as the file format, doesn't imply that it supports it. As far as I understand now, based on search queries performed on various websites (QuickBooks and QBMFreemier), I conclude that the file format is not compatible between them. These apps are a different one from each other and the QBMFreemier works in a totally different way and supports other files. Of course, some apps have the possibility of importing the QBM format, but QMBFReemier is not one of them.

You still have to use QuickBooks to actually import your file to finish what you need. The correct version of QuickBooks would be the Premier one because it's listed as being compatible with the QBM format.

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