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What have I not set correctly?

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A few days ago I installed the latest(?) versions of JT65-HF-HB9HQX-Edition (ver 4.9.6) and the associated JT Alert (ver 2.9.10). I've noticed that after a few minutes use JT Alert no longer displays the decoded stations. On the penultimate pass it only displays some of the decodes, from the HF part of the spectrum, and on the next pass none at all. The only recourse is to close both JT 65 and Alert. Never had this problem when using JT-65-HF and its JT Alert.

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I am not an expert in such things, but I believe that Ham-Apps JT-Alert is having connectivity issues from what you explained above. The only way to fix it is to check the connectivity to make sure that everything is set up properly. Additionally, if you're using a module that is based on signal acquisition, then check that too.

For in-depth troubleshooting and guide, check the Yahoo Group:

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