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Windows 10 compatibility for LitePro 2.0.

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asked Jun 22 by Bryan about LitePro
edited Jul 31 by Marco Jauch 1

The software installs on my computer, but locks up in the LitePro 2.0 splash screen and Litepro version 7 DLX is not backward compatible with 2.0. I am hoping to have access to older projects with the install of 2.0. on my new computer. The computer technician here at work is not familiar with this product and is looking for install support or a definitive answer that Litepro 2.0 will not run on Windows 10.

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answered Jul 20 by Sean Hill (286,730 points)

Unfortunately, I can't access LitePro's official website, so I can't find any data regarding Windows compatibility for 2.0 version. However, if you weren't using it on a Windows older than XP, you should still be able to launch it in Windows 10, either by running it in Compatibility mode with the operating system you used to have (Properties --> Compatibility) or by setting up a virtual machine, installing an older version of Windows on it, then running the application through that virtual machine.

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