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uTorrent downloaded files missing

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I am currently running uTorrent 2.0. It works for me as it does everything that I need it to do. In the left column, it showed that I had 37 torrents: 34 completed and 3 downloading, but it seems that they're all gone. They were there yesterday, but now I can't find them and they're not in the "all feeds" box.

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First, in the uTorrent window, try clicking on the Completed button from the upper-left side of the window (above the All Feed box) and also check the Downloading section for the three torrents that were ongoing. If they aren't there anymore it means that you or someone else with access to your PC either deleted the files from their location on the disk or removed them from the application's interface.

See if you can locate your file on your disk using Windows Explorer. If you aren't sure where you saved them, open uTorrent's window, go to Options-->Preferences and check out the Directories section. If you still can't find them, try downloading another torrent and see where the prompt shows that it's being saved.

Lastly, I would recommend upgrading to a newer version of uTorrent (3.5). I know that it shows ads in its main window, which can be very frustrating, but using the 2.0 edition means that you are missing a lot of security patches and since the application's job is to download files on your hard-disk, it makes you quite vulnerable to attacks and infections.

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