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How to run Windows OS on Android?

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How to run Windows OS on Android?

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Until 2-3 years ago, this was a dream, but it appears that now it's possible to install Windows OS on the Android using a dedicated application that modifies the install ISOs and tweaks the settings on the Android mobiles.

However, before a working version of Windows will run on Android, you need to meet certain requirements like a rooted phone, a capable Android phone that is powerful enough, ADB drivers, etc.

There is the following website where you can get the necessary software:

Notice: Just make sure that you have your antivirus enabled and in Heuristics mode to prevent any infection.

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Like to get Change My Software 10 Edition Download? No problem. You can get the direct link from here. Perform a single click on it and get the software right now. Well, before starting the process, do the following. Crosscheck your device compatibility with all the requirements shown below. If yes, you can start the process immediately.

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These is no hidden trick to install OS on windows. It is easy as you install windows on your PC.
Download Change My Software and follow the Procedure.
But Before starting to install, Make sure your phone as 7-8GB Free Space and atleast 1Gb Ram. There are multiple editions like Windows 7/8/8.1/10 are given there.

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