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Purchasing Floor for Windows rev.

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We bought this program years ago, but the agent that used it quit. It doesn't function as well as I would want it to, but it still does its job well enough. Out of the blue (and of course, I am under the gun with the Holiday), the application decides that I can't use it anymore. So, I thought I would redownload it and use the 2 weeks trial to talk to my boss about purchasing a license. However, there is no activation key. Can you please help me?

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As far as I can see, Floor for Windows rev has been discontinued by its developer, so there's no way for your boss to purchase it any longer, even if you would manage to convince him or her that it's a worthwhile investment.

In case you need an alternative solution, I recommend checking out a web-based service called Floor Schedule that offers a somewhat similar functionality.

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Appreciate the recommendation Stephen! This is Terence, the owner of the web-based software Floor Schedule. We offer this web based version and a desktop based version of software that will solve your agent scheduling headaches, just like Floor For Windows. General Entropy did want their customers to have an alternative to turn to in the event their purchased copy for Floor For Windows was lost, and asked us to provide that. I think you will like Floor Schedule Web. You can also take a look at our Legacy Desktop version. Both are free to try, no credit card required.

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