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I need to uninstall Asus Home Cloud Server

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My motherboard is Asus and I got an account on Asus Home Cloud, but cannot stop synchronization- nor delete from my PC - due to virus infection, I need to uninstall

Tried to uninstall Asus Home Cloud Server but stops at the following point
c:\Program Files/Asus/Home Cloud/Asus Cloud/Omnistore log/Service log/ Inforelay/System/ShetSharedFolder ACL.2016-12 (and then a set on 2 numbers that keep changing in never-ending listing such as 04-07-20-log, 12-14-17-ñpg and so on endlessly.

When running the antivirus it may stay all night through just on Asus Cloud till I close it up. I am in high urge to disconnect Asus Cloud from my PC, stop all synchronization at all, and run antivirus.

Can you help me (activating stop sync from the menu in my PC seems to not help when it is time to run antivirus or uninstall?

If I do not place the user+password, it does not do anything, not even let me erase from my computer the software of Asus Home Cloud.

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The installation of Asus Home Cloud needs to be forced. Luckily, there are plenty applications available on the Internet that are capable of removing the software even if it refuses to uninstall due to various reasons.

I recommend using Revo Uninstaller. It's an app developed to fully remove other installed products that are working normally or have issues.

You can download a copy from the following link:

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