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How do I replace the Lenovo settings shortcut (F11) with Fullscreen?

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Is there a way to remove the F11 shortcut for Lenovo settings and replace it back with fullscreen? I am fine with using F12 for fullscreen as well.

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Based on the information found on the Internet, it appears that the only way to change/disable/modify the behavior of the function keys is from the BIOS of your Lenovo device.

Keep in mind that it can be done only for laptops. Make sure that you also have the latest BIOS flashed for your laptop and the support software installed from the downloads page which corresponds to the model number of your device.

Begin with Lenovo Support website and continue from there to download the apps and flash the BIOS:

WARNING: Be very careful when flashing BIOS. Read the instructions 10 times before doing it. An incorrect operation will brick your laptop temporary or permanently.

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