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Can I run x2 MagicJack on my Wifi modem?

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I have x2 Magicjack the Plus and a new Magicjack Go. I purchased the Magicjack Go to port a business telephone number from Bell Canada. I had just purchased a year for the original Magicjack Plus which is still hooked up and is working. Can I in any way leave both Magicjack on the modem line but with separate telephone lines and phone numbers?

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You will need to have 2 separate lines for the MagicJack to work properly, else you won't succeed. I've read on the MagicJack posts regarding this procedure and there was a clear explanation that it won't work. The modem needs to have 2 separate lines to be able to attach them.

Someone contacted the MagicJack developers and they responded that running 2 lines on MagicJack on the same modem will not work.

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Thanks for the update to my Magicjack question, I did have x2 lines for the input to the WiFi modem.
Installing the x2 Magicjack the Go and the Plus did allow them to work with x2 telephone for
the x2 numbers that were allocated.

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