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Information about Snowie backgammon.

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I have purchased Snowie student version and just got an email to go to the following web address,

which I did but when I did this came up,

Not Found
The requested URL /support/reg-inforegister.dhtml was not found on this server.

How do I get my registration key?

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I recommend reading the information on the official website to learn how the registration process will go. You can do this on the link posted below.

FAQ about Registration procedure:

Also, it's possible that you might have an outdated version of the software that leads to a broken page, but if you believe it's OK, then contact the developers and explain this situation.

You can find the details on the following page:

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i have tried to contact to contact the developers but never got any replies, they just ignored me and took my #85 for themselves, if it was an old version,, it should not be posted on the internet as a trial version, I just want to buy the student version of snowie and get the reg key to activate it to keep it for life, not get robbed because snowie put outdated trial versions online so evry man and his dog gets fleeced

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You should also get in touch with your bank to ask for information related to this problem. They might be able to block the payment or offer some legal advice if you feel you've been robbed. You should insist on contacting the developers maybe you'll get a response after all because this is the only thing available right now.

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