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Easypad Android update

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My Easypad 700 says updates are available but how can I run the update?

How can I update it to the latest Android version?

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The notification you receive about available updates is from the Google Play market which indicates that there are updates available for your installed applications. You can update all your applications from the My Apps menu found in the Google Play settings.

On the other hand, performing an update is done by visiting Menu > Settings > About device > Software Update. You should check that options to see if there is an update available.

Note: For all these operations you need an active WiFi Internet connection.

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Thanks but

There is no 'Software Update' option in Menu/Settings/About Device.
There is no Google Play app.
On Google Play website it only lists my phone, my tablet is not listed, despite the 'Sync' working on the tablet.
When I try to download using the tanlet from Google Play it wants to send apps to my phone and not the tablet.

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My android system 2.3.6 has been deleted somehow. How for I recover or restored it

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