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Configuring Epson Connect.

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I already have a desktop computer linked via WiFi router, and want to link a new laptop to the printer (Epson ET-2500), but found the Epson Connect website so confusing. It has so many download buttons. Which to chose? When does the downloading finish? Then how to select actual printer?

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I don't think you need the Epson Connect feature if the laptop is in the same network as the printer. Simply share the printer to be available locally and it's a WiFi printer, then even better. Use the OSD to connect it to the WiFi network and the laptop should see it automatically, but if it doesn't go to Control Panel > Hardware and Devices> Add a printer. Windows should find it automatically.

Also, register for an account on the following page and add your printer, then you can manage it from web without even touching it.

Registration page:

Note: Follow the instructions on the page as well.

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