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Like to use Animeeple with new Second Life Bento Skeletons.

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Hi, I been looking for a good program to convert FBX files exported out of Maya LT to BVH files for Second Life.

Second Life has recently added a bunch of new bones and now allow translation animation or 6 channel animations on all the bones not just the "hip" or mPelvis bones.

I have successfully imported FBX files exported out of Maya LT and imported them into Animeeple with translation animations or 6 Channels on the hip and rotation animations on all the other bones including all the new bones Linden Lab added to the Second Life skeleton which is 159 bones now.

However, Animeeple still won't recognize on import or export 6 channel animations on any of the bones except the hip bone.

If you are willing and it is not too much work could you allow 6 channel import and export on all bones not just the hip bone.

Thank you for your time. I really like Animeeple and hope to be able use it for all my Bento animations I make with Maya LT.

UPDATE: Thanks for the information and response Alex! I will certainly do as you suggest and try to find them through the HELP>About. :)

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This request needs to be forwarded to the developers, but the problem is that their website is currently non-functional. I've tried to access it and it doesn't work. Secondly, if you have the app installed, go to Help > About because developers add their contact in that section as well. Additionally, you could look in the installation folder of the software. There could be readme files in TXT, HLP or CHM format that can be used to obtain the contact data.

Once you get the contact details, get in touch with them and forward the inquiry above.

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