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Need help to create IDXterm script to assign variable and pull data from TXT file.

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Hi, I'm using IDXterm version 3. And I want to create a script to open multiple queries from the TXT file and loop it until the end of the file.

I tried below script but it doesn't work.

Dim $line, $file1, $file2
$file1 = FileOpen(@TempDir & "\My Test List.txt", 0)
send: 3<13>
wait for: lect Function:
send: 3<13>
wait for: lect Activity:
send: 111<13>
wait for: t<13><10>Query name:
$line = FileReadLine($file1)
While 1
$file2 = FilewritelineLine($line)
$line = FileReadLine($file)
wait for: <8> <8>
send: <127>
wait for: <8> <8>

Please help me to create script as above.


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Like the message on the official website is saying, you will have to reach the sales representative for any help with the software because what you've specified above doesn't appear to have a simple resolution. I've used Google Search and other websites to find what you're looking for, but due to the lack of information, that operation is not possible.

Here is the website with the message from the developers:

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