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Transfer from Pro to Deluxe.

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I have had invoices and Estimates Pro for quite a few years and can tell it is starting to run slow. I have an older version of Invoices and Estimates Deluxe and was wondering if I put the Deluxe on my computer and if I can transfer all customers and invoices from the Pro to the Deluxe.

I thank anyone in advance if they can answer and possible help me this problem.


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Migration is possible only in cases when the original file can be imported on the new version of the program. Since we're talking about the same application, I believe they're compatible "out of the box" without doing something else. If you have the software installed, open it and go to File > Open or File > Import then select the files that have been created in the previous version of the software.

You can also check what file types can be imported into the application through the File > Open dialog.

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