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"Can only be installed on a Lenovo system".

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Been having some Windows DVD problems on the Lenovo X510. The DVD drive is not autostarting, not found in explorer, freezes/system crashes while trying to watch movies, etc.

I tried uninstalling PowerDVD 10 for a fresh reinstall, so here I was. At end of installation it was aborted with the above error, stating "This can only be installed on a Lenovo system". Went to Lenovo website looking for the DVD software/drivers/support.

Tried VLC to watch DVDs; drive and video plays, but no sound. Looked for MP4 codecs, but found only malware/incorrect versions.

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Every website that I found lists the compatibility model to G770 notebook which means that it might not run properly on your PC. As far as I know, VLC is capable of opening DVDs without any issue and it also doesn't require codecs to work properly, but if you insist on installing some, then CCCP Codecs can be used since they're open source and malware free.

There is also KMPlayer available for playback:

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