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Can I run this software without admin rights?

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asked by about Remote Viewlog

In Windows 10 application, it says that I need admin right to run. Compatibility toolskit for Vista doesn't work for Windows 10.

When I am try tu install or run after ealier install, I have question from UAC can I ran this application.

That is problem beceause I cannot turn off uac on workstation for security rison.
Any body Can help ?

1 Answer

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answered by (236k points)

I've downloaded the application and installed it on Windows 10, but didn't use any Admin rights because it wasn't needed. The software installs and runs properly without these tweaks.

If you want to avoid using Admin rights, simply choose a different install location for the software, something different than the drive with the operating system.

To download the software, access the following link and choose GV-VMS:

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