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Cardware compatibility with Omni Drive Professional.

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We need to buy the Card Ware software to work with Flash Cards. The problem is that we are not sure if the Card Ware software is compatible with the driver we intend to use. The idea would be to use the "Omni Drive Professional" driver, but the big difference is this drive uses a USB interface. You could help us with that question? Is the Card Ware software compatible with USB drives? I believe the CardWare CardsBus will need a PC card adapter, in my case there is one USB interface.

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If you check the official website for OmniDrive Professional, you'll see all the supported devices that can be attached and used with.

Follow this link to get an overview about these devices:

As for your inquiry related to the CardWare, I couldn't find anything viable and ready for usage or something that connects the two of them.

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CardWare is fully compatible with USB-2-PCMCIA OmniDrive USB2 LF adapter.

Please refer to for details.

You do not need use any third party driver - the entire support is build into CardWare.

Please pay attention: In difference with the "classic" CardBus adapter, the OmniDrive device have several limitations. They are briefly listed on the above mentioned page.

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