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Methodist Church Cemetery Treasurer using Money Counts 9.0.

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I have the Money Counts program 9.0 on my PC. I have all entries on a thumb drive and I want to update the Secretary's PC with the data from this thumb drive. She has the program installed in her computer. So how do I update her program?

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The Money Counts application seems to be discontinued, therefore no updates are available anymore despite the fact that it was a successful application used by many people in the world. I've tried to identify the instructions related to the update procedure, but couldn't find any. Since the software still works for you, I recommend consult the built-in Help section to find out about the ways related to program and file update.

Additionally, look in the installation folder as well.

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You can just copy all the files in the MCW folder to the thumb drive and then copy them to an MCW folder on her computer. Be sure to copy the sub-folders. The sub-folder Personal is the current data. By copying the whole folder you get the driver files that were "unzipped" during the original install.

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