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Purchased Registry Crawler.

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I bought Registry Crawler for 2 computers a long time ago. Both were running Windows XP and my wife's laptop still does. I now have an up to date PC running Windows 10 and would like to install the purchased Registry Crawler on it. I do not remember my account etc. so how do I go about this now? My email used was or I believe. Both are still valid. I also had one that is deleted, which I may have used.

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It's not recommended to use an app released in 2003 on newer operating systems like Windows 10 primarily because Windows 10 has been redesigned from core and Registry Crawler might do much more harm than good. Instead of using Registry Crawler, download and install CCleaner. The application will clean your registry keys, clean the unnecessary files and typically clean your hard drives including the bad items that might reside on hard disk or registry database.

Download from the following link:

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@Esa Lehti - hi, did you get anywhere with this? If not, you could try emailing their support directly at - seems to have been abandoned some time ago so not sure if it'll install or run ok on Windows 10.

@Alex Urbach - Registry Crawler is not what you think. It doesn't have a scan & 'clean' or repair function or anything like it. It's a searcher & 'editor' only & the best of its kind I've ever used or tested, even in 2017. I find it hard to believe a program so good has been abandoned by its developer (I'm sure there's a valid reason). Possibly sold on to another developer, but I've not found another shareware/freeware editor that works as well & as blindingly quick with the useful functions it has.

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Thanks. I have emailed their support directly.

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