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Selecting > 1 track with Canway software.

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I use the Canway software v1.1.12 with my datalogger GT-750 (Skytraq), bought at Conrad. Canway software is the only software which can read my datalogger. I also use Windows 10. I can download the tracks but I can select only only 1 track at the time to show on the map or to export. I need to see all my tracks at the same time so I can see my whole journey which I made in 3-4 weeks. How do I do that?

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I've installed the application, but since I don't have a device to attach, it's impossible to select tracks. I've also tried to find certain sample data to load into the application and the results were the same.

There is a manual that you can access through the main menu of the software. Go to Help > Manual and wait for the PDF file to open. You can check the PDF file to see how to work with the software or what you have to do to work with multiple tracks.

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Hello Lex

I noticed your question about exporting more than one track in the Canway software. Did you find a solution in the meantime?

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Hello Jan,

That is a long time ago. The question was not about exporting but about showing all tracks at the same time on the map. No, I didn't manage that.
Since then I use other ways to get the tracks visible on Google maps.

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