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Line doesn't print well with Adobe InDesign.

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asked by about Brother MFL-Pro Suite MFC-J6520DW
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Black line doesn't print well with Adobe InDesign? What do I wrong?

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When you encounter such issues, the first thing to do is to launch the Maintenance section for your printer. I am recommending this because it's pretty easy to diagnose errors. Therefore, start the maintenance software and print a test page. This will print different colors, lines, and patterns. Depending on your device it will perform alignment as well. If lines don't print correctly, then check the ink tanks. I am pretty sure the issue is caused by the lack of necessary ink in the tanks. The same applies to a laser printer a well. The toner needs to be refilled. Once you check and fix these, go back to Adobe InDesign and print again.

Note: In Adobe InDesign make sure you have lines that are seen properly and have their colors set up.

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