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Installation on different versions of Windows.

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Something really weird happens on my computers. Jagannath Hora gives 1 set of degrees and minutes on my office computer (Toshiba Windows 7) and my Dell Inspiron (Windows 7), but a different set of results on my Lenovo G510 (Windows 10). The degrees for Sun and smaller planets come 1-2 degrees greater. As a result, D9 and other divisional charts give different results, especially for Lagna. How is this happening? I am not making a stupid mistake by entering the wrong biodata. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but get the same results. Can someone help?

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I recommend resynchronizing the time on your PC as well as region and denomination. This greatly affects applications that are working with the built-in clock or regional settings. After you change any setting from the Regional options, make sure to reboot the PC.

You can find the Regional settings in the Control Panel or if you're using Windows 10, they are in the Start > Settings interface. Use the search feature to locate the regional settings faster.

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