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NDAS Driver for Windows 10.

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I have a Ximeta NDAS device, but I can't find a driver for it that's compatible with Windows 10. Where can I download the necessary software?

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As far as I can see, there doesn't seem to be a driver for Ximeta NDAS devices that works on Windows 10 and what's even worse is that there probably won't be one. On its support thread, Microsoft's staff acted uninterested about the conflicts between Windows 10 and Ximeta devices stating that it's up to the company to fix them, and Ximeta seems to not exist anymore as its official website is no longer available.

Unfortunately, this means that the only way for you to use your Ximeta NDAS device is to go back to a previous Windows version that you can still find drivers for.

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I have one NDAS at about 400G, and one at about 500 G, and the sw was installed on a w7 pc, updated to w10.
By setting the NDAS sw to compability mode for w7, there was no problem mounting the units and reading all
info from them. Have not tried the write option, as the impotant issue to me was getting the info back.
What I found when unmounting was that I had tu turn off Task Manager as well before they would unmount.
The w10 version is the last updates as of 2020-04, thr NDAS sw is3.72.2080.1456 SVN, NDAS Device Managment.
Hope this may be useful.

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