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Length change in SAP2000.

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I am using SAP2000 7.12 Student version. I am in trouble with "Frame Element Data" table. While designing of a frame, at the last automatically length of the frames change for example length of frame section or beam is 16 meter. I have designed as it is, but at the end of the analysis, when I open "Frame Element Data" tables, I saw 0.406 instead of 16 meters. Each time I start from the beginning and I waste my time. Please help me or direct me to anyone that can explain me preferences of this version that why the dimensions are like that.

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I believe that the only place where you'll find help is on the CSIAmerica website, the developers of this software. They have a KB page set up exactly for the things you have mentioned above. The topic is pretty large and contains viable information that can be used to get a clear overview about the operations you're doing or needing.

Access the following URL to read more about it:

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