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Checking hardware components.

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How can I know if I currently have a compatible AMD Radeon series graphics card on my PC? Is it better for me to have OEM Application Profile or a compatible AMD Radeon series graphics card?

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To see any hardware component that's on your computer, use a system diagnostic application. I prefer using Open Hardware Monitor, but you can try out other alternatives such as AIDA64 or Hardware Identify.

Regarding your second question, I think you need a few additional details to understand how things work because having OEM Application Profile without an AMD Radeon graphics cards would be useless.

The graphics card is a hardware component inside your PC that processes the graphics-related aspects: the games that you play, the videos that you watch, the images that you see on the screen are all generated by the graphics card. AMD Radeon is a type of graphics cards. In order to make graphics card work better with specific games, applications and operating systems, manufacturers (AMD in this case) make programs that improve the interactions between the hardware and the software. This is what OEM Application Profile does. You can still make use of your graphics card without having OEM Application Profile installed; games won't run as well, but they will still work. However, having OEM Application Profile installed and no compatible AMD Radeon card is futile because there would be nothing for the program to improve.

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