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Customize my Lotto Hat software.

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I was wondering if I can pay to have you guys customize my LottoHat software. I got Lotto Hat version 3.6 and there are two critical features that I would like to customize to my playing techniques.

The first feature is the number of winning drawings the software actually allow, and in the 3.6 version, that number is only 9999. I would like to increase this number to at least 99999, or unlimited (even better).

The second thing is, I want to be able to select and delete a bunch of the aforementioned winning drawings at once, instead of selecting one and deleting one draw at the time, which can be time consuming if you have to delete thousands of those. Please let me know if you could do such thing, and how much it would cost me.

I have attached a couple of pictures to help you understand what features I am talking about.

So to summarize,
1. I want to increase my max total drawings from its actual 9999 to 99999 or higher.

  1. I want to be able to select and delete these numbers thousands at a time, instead of its actual one at a time.

Thanks for any prompt response.

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What you're asking is not possible primarily because the developers are not in the business. The things you need have to be configured at the code level, meaning that a developer has to adjust various things in the source code and with their business being phased out, I am afraid that it won't ever be possible unless the developers come back and they also release the source code which is unlikely to happen.

I've searched on other websites as well, but without results in terms of support or software customization.

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Thank you for your answer Alex.
Are there similar products on the market today which developer are still in business? Maybe l can contact them instead.

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