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Reinstalling FeedLIVE.

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asked Jan 23 about FeedLIVE
edited Jan 31 by Marco Jauch 1

I am an existing FeedLIVE user. My computer broke. The software I bought more than 10 years ago is single installation only. What can you do to help me? I need advice or assistance, please. Thank you.

1 Answer

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answered Jan 24 by Alex Urbach (306,420 points)
edited Jan 31 by Marco Jauch 1

I've tested the application, and it appears that you are in luck. The software is working just fine on Windows 10 x64. The only thing that you have to do is to run the software as Administration or you'll receive a DLL error.

Note: You need to register for a trial in order to launch the software. Fill the form with your details to receive the key and registration name.

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