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Can I monitor Azure network packets?

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You can monitor network packets using a tool which has been specifically designed for this type of work. If you want a simple yet powerful application, you can try Wireshark which has all the tools for monitoring. Please make sure that when you install the application you pay attention to the windows where it asks you to accept the installation of Winpcap. It's the capture driver used in conjunction with the program to analyze and capture incoming/outgoing packets. From the main interface of the program you can choose what packets to capture or not. Just choose the application, port or service name and wait for the software to gather data which you can later analyze.

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If you want, you can actually create Linux VMs in Azure, which give you a little more flexibility with a smaller-profile virtual machine. You can use Wireshark (without downloading and isntalling Winpcap). But you can also shrink the footprint further by using a command-line utility, tcpdump, which is lighter-weight, and outputs in a couple different formats.

The benefit to doing it this way is that your monitoring can be on a very small, lightweight virtual machine that isn't on the same upgrade schedule as all your Windows VMs, and (while Linux has its own security concerns, of course) isn't prey to the same threats.

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