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Color problems and viruses.

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My old PC crashed. When I downloaded my games on the new computer, I went to play the World Tour Puzzles, but my PC went haywire with a Trojan virus. I have tried everything and they still come up with weird colors. Sky will be purple, the elephant green and this happens with all of your puzzles. I'm afraid to try anything by you.

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What you experience is actually a graphical glitch and no way a trojan infection. People seem to overrate these so called "trojan infections". A trojan operates in the background and it works in a very simple way. It doesn't affect the game you're playing by modifying its graphics. There are 2 possible causes to your issue:

  1. The graphical drivers are not installed properly or they need and update. Look on the manufacturer's website to download new ones.

  2. The game is not compatible with the operating systems running on your computer, therefore compatibility is questionable. Right click the icon of the game and then use Properties > Compatibility and Windows XP Service Pack 3 from the list.

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