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USB Audio driver with Sample Rate 192 kHz.

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I have a program called SpecScope and I measure ultrasounds in Android. I plugged USB microphone(Ultramic192k) in USB input. I want to change sample rate from 48kHz to 192kHz, but it doesn't work. I was told, that I need a special driver, but I can't find it on Internet. Does anyone has such driver? I know, that I could use other program for example UsbBatDetector(which already has such driver), but because I bought source code of SpecScope, I can't use another program. Can anyone help me with this driver?

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I've checked the SpecScope application, but didn't find anything available for 192 kHZ. There is a line in the application's description saying An adjustable sample rate allow analysis from 10 Hz to 22KHz.

As you can see, it probably doesn't support the rate you're trying to change, but it's best to send an email to the developer asking about it.

  • Contact developer:

Secondly, on Android drivers aren't working like in Windows OS. They need to be developed for this OS and they also have to be implemented into applications. You can't download drivers and install them just like a simple APK file. Request further instructions from the developer of SpecScope.

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