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Converting from FlightLevel Logbook 2000.

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Good day,

I am a professional pilot that began using FlightLevel Logbook 2000 in about 2002 when it was the latest greatest thing. I installed it on a Windows PC that I had at the time which is severely outdated now. We actually don't use it for anything except my logbook. My entire family is MacBook, iPad, and iPhone now. Do you offer a Mac product that would allow me to somehow move my logbook over from Windows without having to manually re-enter over 12,000 hours of flying time? I would like to have my logbook on my MacBook Pro so that I can use it anytime that I need to instead of having to be home at the desktop.

Thank you, Rick

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Based on my research on the Internet, I must say that FlightLevel LogBook 2000 doesn't appear to support Mac and iOS operating system. Mac and iOS are two different operating systems released by Apple for their products.

Currently, the only way to to run FlightLevel Logbook 2000 on an Apple operating system is through virtualization. This can be achieved with the help of Parallels Desktop or Bootcamp.

Parallels Desktop is a shareware app that allows you to run Windows in a window. You just drag the Windows app and then you can install it. It acts as a full working operating system.

Bootcamp on the other side will install Windows next to Mac, meaning that it will run Windows on Mac, and yes it's possible.

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