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GetAdaptersInfo sizing failed with error .

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I've been using LanLights for a while without any hickups - a great tool, thank you for this. Since a few weeks ago - possibly after an OS - this error message keeps popping up after each reboot or wakeup:

GetAdaptersInfo sizing failed with error 232

LanLights continues to work as usual after closing the popup. Can you advise a fix? I use a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 with Windows 10 Pro.

Thank you.

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The latest version of this software was released back in 2011, that's 6 years ago when Windows 10 wasn't even released. The problem that you have might be related to compatibility with the operating system where you want to run it.

Try installing latest version of the software to see the behavior:

There is nothing to be done, unless the developer updates the software to support Windows 10.

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