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How to convert a BGL Babylon glossary to a Babylon EXE glossary?

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I have Babylon 8 and several BGL glossary files. The problem is: when I click on an ".exe" glossary, it installs with no problem. But when I click on a BGL file, my computer gives me the message "Error sending the command to program" (Erro ao enviar o comando para o programa, in portuguese). So I searched Google if there could be any converting software from Babylon BGL TO Babylon EXE extension, but no luck so far. Please anyone knows this issue or any workaround?

Thanks a lot!

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It seems that the software you are sending the file to has not properly registered the file extensions and instead of opening it is trying to do something else with the file. To solve this issue please reinstall Babylon because in this way all file associations will return to default so the next time you click on a BGL file, the software will know what to do and what to open.

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Hi, thanks for your answer, but the BGL extension is associated with Babylon: start menu > default programs > associate a file type or protocol to a program. It gives me a huge list, in which the BGL extension is described as "babylon glossary" (corrrect) and the extension is associated to "Babylon Information Tool". I tried to associte with Babylon in the "Change program" option, but, no use!
thanks again.

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