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Can 2 dongle icons be shown separately on desktop of one laptop?

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I have Windows 7 Ultimate with Firefox 64bit.

I can use the Vodafone dongle in UK, but when I inserted into the laptop USB, it deletes the information & dongle icon from the desktop. When I travel to another country I use another dongle which uses access to the Internet by a telephone cell system and it is not recognized when inserted into the laptop USB.

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If you install the same Huawei Mobile Partner, but from different carriers, then one application will be replaced by the other one. Here is a trick to have both apps installed. Go to the Control Panel, then select the Users section and create a username with Administrator access. Afterwards install one dongle and its software using the normal account, and then for the second dongle, keep Shift pressed and right click the installer. Choose Run as different user and select or input the details for the second one you've created earlier.

You'll have two apps of the same kind installed on the same PC. To use the second one, select the Run as different user every time is started.

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