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How to save a Spotify Playlist on CD?

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Maybe someone could help me to answer this question: Is it possible to convert a Spotify Playlist, for saving songs on a CD? If someone already had experience with any programms, I would be greatful to hear about. But please, just legal ones! Thanks for your advice!

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Hello Mrllama,

I guess u are searching for a recording software to extract some MP3 files from streaming plattforms, in ur case Spotify.
If u would like to have a good quality and trustful software, u have to spend some money, but mostly worth it. What Im using since years is audials tunebite premium. It is a really good program, includes an easy usability and provides a lot of features and high quality. Its very easy to record ur playlist and every single song will be saved automatically. Means that u wont have a never ending sountrack. Here u can read more informations:


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If you want to save the streaming music from Spotify to PC for later playback, you will need a Spotify recorder like Streaming Audio Recorder to help you record and convert online music to MP3.

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