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How to transfer my progress in Mystery Manor game between 2 Android phones?

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I had an HTC Sensation and recently switched to the Samsung Galaxy S3. I need to figure out how to transfer data in regards to my apps. I got very far in Mystery Manor and Surfs Village and I don't want to have to start over on my new phone. Is this possible?

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If you want to transfer the content of the games from one phone to the other then you should first install the games on the newer device. Make sure you leave the games installed and they should not be started. Then connect the old phone and navigate to its storage device and copy the Android folder (in case you don't know exactly what is the folder for those two games) to the Android on the other phone then start the games. I advise you this because all the game/cache/settings/save files are there and when you start the game all your progress will be saved.

asked Dec 26, 2012
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How do I transfer Mystery Manor on another iPad?

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