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Generating Tick Charts details.

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Is QuoateTracker capable of generating Tick Charts instead of time period Charts in Forex? If yes, could I set the "number of tick per bar"? What I mean is, for example I set 200 ticks, and every time there are 200 ticks I get a bar in the chart.

Assuming it does generate tick charts, how can I connect QuoteTracker to my Forex Broker?

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You can read about the software's changes on the page listed below. That release log is the only thing I've found about the QuoteTracker. If you try to load the official website, it won't work, therefore it's impossible to test it. Secondly, if the software is installed on your PC, go to Help > Section to read about its features and available chart generator tools.

Additionally, look in the installation folder as well for manuals or user guides.

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