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Scanner appears to give wrong results.

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Please, can you help? I have 4 Ballistix 4MB modules of memory installed, and Crucial Scanner shows that only 3 slots are occupied. Other system reports confirm the presence of all 4 modules. I have also tried to search the database on Crucial website to check my previous order to correctly identify the memory in my PC and was unable to do so. I think it was further back than the database would allow. I want to add a two further 4MB modules to my PC to fill the remaining 2 slots or change the entire existing memory for faster modules. Could you please say why Crucial Scanner would fail to identify all 4 installed modules, and 2) Is there a way I can access my previous order so I can establish what I actually purchased? Thanks and kind regards, Roy Kelsey.

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I've installed the application, and the software is displaying all the memory modules, also it recommends alternatives to replace them from the Crucial store.

If you want a second opinion about your memory modules, use CPU-Z application which is capable of providing all the information you need about the memory banks.

There is also the possibility that one of your modules to be corrupt.

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