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WXTide and Windows 10 compatibility.

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Why has WXTide32 stopped working in Windows 10? It seems to be something to do with the .cfg file.

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I've installed the application and it appears that it's working in Windows 10, but there is a trick to make it work. You have to launch it exactly from where you've launched it for the first time since it creates a CFG file that's necessary for it to run properly. Without the CFG file, an error message will be displayed instead. If you have trouble with its launch, then reinstall the software again and make sure to save the CFG file using File > Legacy Config > Save.

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Thanks for your help, Alex.

I did as you suggested but initially without success. Then Windows 10 installed its "Anniversary Update", and although this scrambled some other things WX tide started working properly immediately afterwards. I don't know if this is cause and effect, or whether I had eventually done something right in the end, but either way I am happy with the outcome.



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