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High Risk or not so much?

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Using Norton Moblie 360 with an Android phone. We downloaded an app from Google Play store. When downloaded Norton advised "No Risk". Weeks later it pops up and tells us it is a "High Risk" app with no explanation as to why it is now High Risk. Found the same thing happened with other apps too. I'm sure there is a reason, could someone enlighten me, or is there somewhere we can go to see these reasons, or am I to be led by the nose with no explanation?

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Sometimes, applications get updated and because of that various things change and Norton might detect those apps as being infected or presenting a High Risk due to the permissions, but it's absolutely necessary for apps to require certain permissions like Camera access, photos storage, contacts etc., because those items are used within the application.

On a second note, I wouldn't recommend Norton for anything that involves protection. It slows things down, although it got pretty high ratings when it comes to PC and device protection.

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