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EZLedes does not open files after Windows 10 upgrade.

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When the user clicks on the EZLedes file it errors out. If she opens EZLedes and then uses the software to navigate to the file it opens. This is only happening on one of the systems. File associations are good but it will not open.

related to an answer for: EZ Ledes billing software migration.

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I believe this is a problem with the association and the Administrator rights. It's possible that when you open a file, EZLedges uses a normal account to start, but when it's launched directly, it starts with Administrator privileges. Unfortunately, you will have to open EZLedges first and then the file, because there is no way to change that or you could try using Properties on file launcher, Security > Permissions and assign full control for everyone, that way the software starts normally.

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Can anyone help me with ezledes installation file. I'm not getting it online.

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